Who We Are


The David C. Copley Foundation (formerly known as the
Helen K. and James S. Copley Foundation) began in 1953
as The Copley Foundation and was initially funded by The
Copley Press, Inc., owner of multiple newspapers in
California, Illinois and Ohio. David C. Copley, the son of
Helen K. and James S. Copley, was a businessman and
philanthropist, born and raised in San Diego. He passed
away in 2012 naming the Foundation as the sole residuary
beneficiary of his estate. Upon David C. Copley’s passing, the
foundation is now governed by the independent directors he
appointed to carry on the mission of his philanthropy.


Charles F. Patrick, Dean P. Dwyer, Eric O. Freeberg, Jessica Walker


Dean P. Dwyer, President and CEO

Kim Koch, COO